Friday, September 12, 2008


Barak Obama is weird. He's running for president but everyday he says one thing or another that alienates one of his alleged voter constituencies. If he keeps this up only and Daily Kos diehards will vote for him.

Democrat Women: He disrespected Hillary Clinton and the "in the tank for Obama" media egged him on and he threw Hillary and her 18-million votes under the bus.

American Moms: He called Sarah Palin a pig in lipstick and she's representative of middle America and female…I wonder if he actually knew she was female.

Senior Citizens: He anyone who is older is a rotting fish wrapped in yesterday's newspaper.

American's who don't use computers: I hate to tell Obama that many Americans don't use computers and get along just fine. America has run just fine for many years without computers. What if we get a solar storm that knocks out our computers and Obama is in charge…he'll be lost because he's illiterate without a computer.

Christians: He's comparing himself to Jesus, as a community organizer…that's pure sacrilege. Christians are holding on to their guns and religion….didn't Obama make a big deal out of being a Christian instead of a Muslim?

Hunters: He called middle Americans with guns bitter.

Women who Don't Have Abortions: He called Sarah Palin stupid for not aborting her Down Syndrome baby, offending Catholics, Evangelicals and those who oppose abortion.

How many groups does this guy hate and how many will he continue to insult before Americans scream "ENOUGH." He's a nut ball.

The only group he hasn't offended yet, is Muslims. Interesting.


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