Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Country did you say Barark Obama is running for president of? America or Iran?

Obama's pledge:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of State Of Iran and the murder for which it stands, one
nation, under death, indivisible from Islamofacism and submitting to Allah with liberty and justice for none but jihadists.



Anonymous said...

And Hillary looks sincere as well.
We are in deep poo-poo if any of these people get in the White House.

NewGnome said...

Feigned sincerity...the truest form of dishonesty. NG

Evol-D said...


Only Bush voters could be so stupid as to write the crap that I am reading on this blog.

Please have abortions. Lots of them.

NewGnome said...

Dear evol-d, you liberals are already aborting yourselves in record numbers. It's called the Roe Effect. Keep it up. We prefer improving the gene-pool with the absence of brainless fiberals.

Justin said...

you are so ignorant... my history teacher KNOWS that this isn't true! he isn't even for Obama! this is such nonsense, saying that he is for Iran... you better get your facts straight before you write something like this!

NewGnome said...

Justin, you call me ignorant because Obama is a foreign affairs imbecile and a domestic policy nightmare. You don’t even have an opinion of your own and have to quote your “teacher?” What do YOU think Justin? Do you want Obama to surrender America’s national security to the UN. That’s what Obama will try to do. Thank heaven there are smarter people who won’t allow it. Instead of listening to the blue sky platitudes of Obama, find out what specifically he is proposing and you will see that he is farther left than George McGovern, or do you know who George McGovern is?

Please tell me what does hope and change mean specifically in terms of your freedom and governmental control of your life. You are obviously very young with pie in the sky dreams. When you actually have some life experiences that are impacted by the effort of the government to control you, your property and your actions let me know. Only then will you understand the difference between freedom and Obama, a socialist dreamer.

Anonymous said...

I always watched the news networks, but now that all show Obama all the time I watch Animal Planet, PBS and cartoons. Obama strikes me as untruthful and has never done any thing for the people of this country.

NewGnome said...

Obama is a charismatic speaker. Like Bill Clinton he can speak for hours and not say one substantive thing.

My main gripe is that he has no experience and his foreign policy statements have been nothing short of scary. Domestically, if his policies are adopted, America will officially be considered a socialist country.