Sunday, October 21, 2007


First, Ellen Degeneres showed genuine concern about a puppy and it cost her dearly. She tired to do the right thing but Moms and Mutts gestapo organization gassed her good intentions.

Meanwhile. , the cold, calculating, cunning, and heartless, Hillary Clinton dumped Socks the kitten the instant the kitty was no longer useful for her image. Says a lot about Hillary’s “kind and tender side” A side of her persona which does not exist.

And DeGeneres supports Clinton....go figure. Do I see a hypocritical disconnect here with the animal loving TV talk show host?

Oh, and surprise, surprise, a Republican unexpectedly came close to winning a congressional seat in the bluest of states while a Republican just took over a formerly Democrat governorship in another blue state. Maybe, just maybe, the Republicans aren’t in such bad shape after all.

Just consider that Democrats haven’t been able to pass any of the War on Terror legislation they wanted and have the lowest Congressional rating in history. We’re starting to win in Iraq and Hillary, Obama and the Democrats aren’t looking too good genuflecting to MoveOn and George Soros’ minions.


Anonymous said...

I think it was Duncan Hunter last night that Hillary can't remove her lips long enough from George Soros' but to say anything negative particularly the Patraeus ad from the Times.
Of course had a democrat taken the place of a republican in Louisiana or any state it would be front page news,

NewGnome said...

ouuuuuuuu....that's a graphic picture, I wouldn't want stuck in my mind.

And yes, isn't it typical of the biaspapers, to hide the fact that Republicans are doing better than they continually portray. NG