Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Why do Moveon.Org and Daily Kos Democrats promote the likes of terrorists Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia or Kevin Spacey and Sean Penn kissing the ring of Hugo Chavez.

After seeing the excuses on the left for what can only be described as bizarre speech by Admadinejad, I have to believe the ultra-fiberal Democrats are in such fear they suffer from total control of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Their fear of the Hitlers, Stalins, Admadinejads, Husseins and Ils of the world require them to take the persona, beliefs, justifications and the murderous theories of these killers. Now they promote these types of dictators. They must submit to them. They cannot think for themselves. To do so for them would mean suicide in their mind.

They simply don’t have the strength of will or faith to stand up to their captors willing to sacrifice their country and the American soldiers who maintain our freedom. They’ll take to their megaphones here in America. But they would never go to these countries and question the lack of freedom and abuses of civil right. Just witness Penn and Spacey’s trips to seek absolution from those who wouldn’t give allow them the same rights they enjoy in America.

It’s pathetic. In my opinion, it’s anti-America and they are traitors.


Anonymous said...

these people are all just plain sick and pathetic. I hate them all!
What ever happened to Black Listing?

NewGnome said...

The problem is that only Liberals have a right to blacklist conservatives. It's written somewhere in the constitution, I'm still looking for it though.