Thursday, February 08, 2007


WHERE ARE THE ENVIRONMENTALISTS? ....Eating crow no doubt, served by their elected hate-ocrats. Nancy Pelosi is asking for a bigger military jet than any other speaker before her to transport herself, family, friends and LOBBYISTS...yes LOBBYISTS to San Francisco.

At a time that “SUPER ENVIRONMENTALIST” Al Gore is flying around on private jets as are most celebrity environmentalists continuing to expose their monumental hypocrisy, Pelosi is the queen of hypocrisy.

But of course, the excuses will flood the fiberal blogs. It’s only conservatives who are required to be environmentally sensitive...fiberals are immune.

You environmentalists, doesn’t it get just a little tedious, having to make excuse after excuse for your fiberal leaders who spit on your environmental sacred cows?

In Pelosi’s world, size does matter. Is she using her demands for a huge fuel-burning jet as a phallic symbol of her “position.”

More perpetual hypocrisy by FIBERALS and typical.


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Anonymous said...

I am so glad the democrats are in control now. I feel so much better that all things are ethical and so much better for some Americans,not most.