Wednesday, February 21, 2007


l. Stocks are at record highs.
2. America is at full employment levels.
3. Fiberal Geffen reveals that the Clintons have been lying all this time.
4. Outlook for federal budget substantially brighter.
5. Tax revenues rising much faster than spending.
6. Federal deficit shrinking to half size since 1970.
7. Federal budget could achieve balance in next few years.
8. British giving Iraqis control shows stability in many areas.
9. Robust productivity growth in the economy continues.
10. Cracks are appearing in Global Warming science.
11. CBO says nation's public debt of GDP forecast to fall.
12. Consumer confidence has remained strong.
13. Studies say housing slowdown has hit bottom.
14. Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama are fighting.
15. Polar Bears under threat is a lie.
16. Indian Glaciers are not shrinking.
17. Iceland ice pack is thickening.
18. Antarctica not doing what climate models predict.
19. Bush had the single highest week pole rise of any president in history.

Now the good news.

1. Democrat women say Hillary not divorcing Bill for continually cheating on her, a political positive.
2. Al Franken has decided to run for the senate.
3. Air America went bankrupt but some fool actually bought it.
4. John Murtha is said to be running congress behind the scenes.
5. We voted to take away armor and equipment from our American Troops in Iraq.

Forget the last four...They're not as positive as I first thought.

Well, I’m sure that there’s some good news besides Bill continuing to cheat on Hillary, and I’m sure we’ll be able to find some soon.


PS: OK. I lied about being a Democrat

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the homeless and Global Warming that mysteriously took a back seat when Clinton was in office and let's see if it takes the same back seat again in '08 depending upon who wins.