Thursday, July 06, 2006


Isn’t it interesting that Ronald Reagan who was so criticized by the left and liberals for establishing a missile defense system they derisively called Star Wars, instead of the Strategic Defense Iniatiative (SDI), was so totally right. As more missile tests by North Korean and Iranian Hitler wannabes are launched, the more intuitive Reagan’s decision becomes. And that doesn’t even consider China, to which Bill Clinton gave missile guidance technology and which now has been turned on America.

The list of major media outlets predicted the worse in their editorial pages, fiberal politicians predicted doom and gloom of the worst kind (of course fiberals predict doom and gloom of the worst kind about everything any Republican does). This is why Democrats and their fake-peace hand-wringing is so threatening to our freedom.

It is now apparent Ronald Reagan was one of the most prescient, visionary presidents America has ever produced.

Japan is begging to help the US build a system to protect them from North Korea, Europe, worrying about the madman in Iran will be next begging for protection. How many other countries are secretly praising Reagan for his foresight, and hoping they can get the protection system without revealing that they really want it?

Thank you President Ronald Reagan.


Anonymous said...

Good post. Credit where credit is due but all they can yap about is Reagan's deficit. Maybe because they can't go against their agenda and say something good.
Imagine if we had Al Gore? Oh well let's not imagine, we may not even be here to have this discussion.

NewGnome said...

Hey TOS, are you trying to make me sick...thinking about GORE as president?

You're right...let's not even imagine that. NG