Monday, July 10, 2006


Have you noticed that the Democrat tent is shrinking? Day by day the number of people allowed into the tent is getting smaller thanks to fiberal moralistic orthodoxy. If you don’t believe as we do EXACTLY you can’t come into the tent. Ann Coulter is right, the Democrat left is now a religion of extreme orthodoxy.

Their mantra is as extreme as the militant Islamic fascist radicals. Just consider Cindy Sheehan, that paragon of broad thinking, says Hillary Clinton doesn’t fit in the tent. Joe Lieberman doesn’t fit in the tent. Hubert Humphery wouldn’t fit in their tent. Nor would FDR, Truman or JFK. All three got America into wars which would instantly excluded them from today’s Democrat Party.

As in any extreme organization, extremity breeds more and more extreme versions of itself, a road Democrats are speeding down, like a comet shedding more and more of its mass.

The extremist blogs, with help from Howard Dean, like, and have taken over the Democrat party and are dictating who is a "Democrat" and defining just who is admissible and the list is getting shorter and shorter. And what’s more, the exclusions to the tent are getting faster and faster. By election day you’ll be able to put the whole party into a pop-up 10 X 10.

The old Democrat, big tent, party is dead. They think they'll win a lot of seats in the off year election, but the Democrats are in worse shape than they claim the Republicans are. The American swing voter has never liked the extremes of either party, and in this case the Democrats are rivaling the “White Power Party” in their extremity.

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Anonymous said...

They have "all the answers" so they say. Those leftwing sites are
unbelievable with their mantras.
I would have to say that they their "religion" has become very extreme in their quest to "change the course"(one of their many mottos)
Praise Al Gore for Global Warming