Saturday, March 11, 2006


When John Fitzgerald Kennedy wrote “Profiles in Courage” he did so without a political motive or agenda. Those about whom he wrote were picked not for their political positions on the left or right but for their “courage” in the face of evil, great hardship or great difficulty...... “to do what is right, rather than what is expedient.”

Today the award had degenerated into a parody of what JFK intended. The Kennedy Library which is run by ultra-liberals, controls the award and you would NOT find one winner today who was not a promoter of ultra-liberal causes.

Would, for example, a Pat Tillman, who literally gave up everything and paid the ultimate sacrifice even be nominated. No! Instead we get the Jack Murtha’s of the world, who turned his back on America’s fighting men and women and by implication America, to score political points against President George W Bush.

Thank heaven the Kennedy Library board and Murtha were not in charge when the Nazis attempted to take over Europe. They and he would have caved after Poland and ceded England and France to Hitler while throwing down their cloaks for Neville Chamberlain.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how all their "truths" are sad.

Anonymous said...

Check this out Click on "Find the Leader" and turn up your volume.

NewGnome said...

Leader, Leader....Democrat leader...that's a contradiction in terms. That was a good one, the RNC has somebody thinking over there.