Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Here is the perfect example of how environmentalists lie, twist the truth, hide data and use half truths to prove all global warming is all man-caused.

The envirobots love computer models. The latest Sun cycle projections that emanations will be more active than the previous model, potentially spawning much larger magnetic storms that will be more disruptive to communication systems on Earth according to Alicia Chang of AP.

Chang writes: prior models predicted lower Sun intensity while the latest predicts higher intensity. This is where the half truths, hiding the truth and lying comes in.

Despite talking about an eleven-year Sun cycle, not one mention is made of simple light and heat radiation expanding because of this cycle's higher intensity.

If “models” predict more solar storms, isn’t it natural to assume that their could and would be higher impact on heat NOT CAUSED BY MAN. Why do envirobots refuse take that into their calculations for the cause of global warming? Because they can't, despite their best models. They're even arguing over how severe the solar flares will be that this model is forecasting.

Pardon me, but doesn’t it make sense to include the impact of increased heat from the sun in the predictions of global warming? After you listen to so many lies about all global warming being caused by "MAN" I just want to puke. Where is the honest science anymore? Where is the effort get to the real truth, not the politically correct truth?



Anonymous said...

Yeah like at the Oscar's some stars drove up in hybrid cars. Yeah right,let's see what you got in your garage and at the airport.
What a bunch of parrots. I can' take it anymore!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that your still thinking and talking about it - about the things that don't add up. Love, Carol