Thursday, November 21, 2013


The filibuster rule has been killed in the US Senate by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Democrats.  The cloture rule is dead, dead, dead so Barack Obama's highly partisan's judicial appointments can be approve by the constitutional "advise and consent" rule.  If the Republicans do take the senate, it will allow Republicans power to stop all appointments by the Senate. 
Actor Jimmy Stewart went to Washington as Mr. Smith.  The character Mr. Smith filibustered and then was hanged for treason when Nevada Democrat Reid  yanked the latch on the gallows trap door this morning to effectively end the filibuster rule. A rule codified in 1806 in U.S. Senate rules.  

Ironically, Reid rose to filibuster in 2003 and doubly ironic is that Harry Reid filibustered  President George W. Bush judicial  nominees,  Miguel Estrada, a Hispanic immigrant for the D.C. Circuit, Janice Rogers Brown, a highly qualified black woman from the California Supreme Court  and William Pryor.  It could easily be concluded that Reid is anti-minorities based on his effort to filibuster and stop the appointment of these two minority judges.

In the "Mr.Smith goes to Washington" story, the filibuster was an effort by the character, Stewart, to stop the appointment of a corrupt stooge of a George Soros-type political power broker.

Reid was a panty-waste though when it  came to filibustering .  All he could muster was about eight hours.  U.S. Senator Ted Cruz hung in there for more than 21 hours in his recent filibuster.  

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