Saturday, September 14, 2013


Saturday, September 14, 2013
9:54 AM
In my entire life, I don't remember ever feeling as fearful for America as I do now.  Barack Obama and his Democrat minions have succeeded in killing the American Dream. It is dead, dead dead.  I know there are those who preach optimism, but that is a pipe dream.   Dark Clouds are engulfing the America  we know.

Obama set out to destroy our free country by using the very policies that we created to help the poor.  He has, in true Alinsky style, put unsustainable burdens on every man woman and child into the foreseeable future and beyond which he knows will end in the American people becoming utterly dependent on government hand outs.

Social media has turned today's children, who are tomorrow's leaders, into drones hooked not on drugs but on the inanities of a culture whose heroes are the likes of Myley Cyrus, Madonna, Trayvon Martin and Che Guevara while turning the founding fathers into racist old white men.  Youth have been so ill-educated by today's unionist teachers promoting socialistic history and defining America as a hateful nation that it becomes, not the starting point of a bright future, but a launching point to destroy the essence of all that has been created in years past.

What is so unbelievable is just how easily it has been for Obama.  How quickly and meekly we have surrendered.  God and moral behavior have become fodder to mock.  One of Burning Man's most popular constructs this year was called "The Church Trap."  It featured a small church with a leaning steeple (not visible in this photo) tilted up on one end with a post holding it up as though it were a small animal trap. On the pews are questions marks, as if to say why are you here. 
"Church Trap" is an interactive wet dream for the religiously rebellious " according to it's creator , artist Rebekah Waites.  But the much more obvious meaning is don't get trapped in the morality of religion.  That is what our children are being taught...that there is no morality, not in our founding fathers and not in our religious leaders.   Ironically, Islam whose more ardent followers use murder, terrorism, abject subjugation and absolute capitulation or death are not mocked by Waites...only Christianity.  She is, of course, a moral coward because doing the same construct of a mosque just might get her killed.

Of those things I've seen on the internet about Burning Man, only one artist captured the morose direction our country is taking.  A wood sculptor from Carson City.  Matt Welter's display of the liberty bell that had been burned from the inside leaving a burned out bell, creates the illusion of the destruction of the American psyche. It carries an incredibly powerful message (this sculpture may have been from last year's burning man and displayed this year)
Liberty after Barack Obama is finished with it.

Hollywood has been teaching the hatred of all things American in movies and television for generations.
Individual creativity is to be stifled unless of course it demeans and mocks any kind of moral teachings or restrictions.  Total licentiousness is condoned and promoted.  To do anything else at Burning Man and now America, is the worst form of heresy.

Ignorance in the youth of today, promoted and encouraged by Obama and his political opinions, is to force the society into a totally dependent class and the only immorality is to restrict anyone from doing anything no matter how degenerate. 

To demand hard work, adherence to our beloved constitution, uphold the traditions of self-reliance and maintain even a modicum of modesty are called illustrations of the worst in America.  I have no doubt that as the older generation dies the worship of the Myley Cyrus's of the world will be what is left.

I pity members of the "social media" world.  They will never know the feeling of freedom that was America's hall mark, and be trapped in a world of obsequious subservience and dependence. How utterly sad. Good Bye my beloved America!

For those who may worry, this is not a suicide note!!! It is Obama's America.

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