Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Barack Obama is not a man of compassion, he is a man without compassion.  When it comes to Democratic capitalism which has given Americans the greatest and broadest  opportunities in the history of of mankind, he is a fiscal and economic imbecile.  He does not even try to govern, all he does is campaign promoting subjugation and lets the unelected men behind his curtain pull the levers of subservience.    

His background is extremely similar to Bill Clinton in that he didn't know his father.  He craves self-aggrandizement, sycophantic acolytes, unending accolades, perpetual adulation and to be an emperor.  Thankfully, he is just a president and America will survive his demented American subjugation but much the worse for wear.

He was accurate in titling his book "Dreams of My Father."  It is now obvious he has deified his father and is madly attempting to implement his father's anti-democratic/socialistic desires as he has interpreted them.  He is a man still seeking the approval of a father that will never come.

He thinks he's king but he is only a flawed man trying to walk on a lake of red ink and calling it a miracle. 
The question is: Has he so destroyed the American can-do psyche that we have become a perpetual population of takers?  Have young Americans bought the socialistic system that cedes their souls to the government?  Have social media sights spawned a population so consumed with the concept of peace at any and all costs that there is no room to fight for freedom? 

Evan Sayet wrote several years ago that we have become a nation that is no longer allowed to discriminate.  We are not allowed to even discriminate between good and evil.  In fact, all acts of discrimination such as defining rape or pedophilia as a person's sexual orientation,  destruction of the constitution, bestiality, infanticide and generational theft are all discriminatory judgments  and again, by definition, evil.   Any type of definitive discriminatory judgment cannot be tolerated by Obama or the left.  Discrimination itself is the evil.

Well, you young people, who spend your lives with a phone implemented in your ear are in for a sad future if you chose to be totally non-discriminating.  You may wind up with the peace you perpetually promote in the quotes of "profundities" on your Facebook pages with lofty goals of peace and love for all, but you will not have real peace, unlimited opportunity or freedom.  You will have sold your free-agency for less than a mess of pottage.

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