Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The Reverend Jeremiah Wright demanded God “Damn America.”  Barack Obama, the self-believing omnipotent, assumed Wright was talking directly to him and took that admonition to heart putting Wright’s command into action. 
Ever since, Obama has been trying to DAMN, America.  How effortlessly he has succeeded.  Obama has “DAMNED” America everyday he has been in office.  Could any self-respecting American believed that one person could so easily turn America from the powerful and economically sound military 
powerhouse into a sniveling, apologizing, broke shell-of a country in one four-year presidential term?

I would submit even Barack Obama himself has succeeded far beyond even his own expectations.  He has turned our most critical governmental functional responsibility, “national defense,” into a cadre of Gay Parade soldiers with flowers to stick into the ends of gun barrels. .

On January 1, 2013 America will cover itself in grease and jump of the fiscal cliff.  Our economy will look like the poor cousin of the PIIGS nations.  Without massive change our debt will be passed on to our children, grand children and well into future generations ad infinitum. 

The roots of America’s next revolution have been planted by Barack Obama.  Is it any wonder then that Obama socialist-liberals want gun control, power over the internet or drones in America’s air space?  We know what Obama does with drones.  What other way could they release a tide of imperialistic government bent on socialistic Monarchy with the “God” complex-infected Barack Obama as Emperor?


Anonymous said...

I can't beleive this NG. I swear [eople better wise up to what is going on and sooner than later. I dear for our country if he wins another 4 years.
Joh Voight said it best here


NewGnome said...

TOS, Voight's comments were right on. I can't believe that Americans think Obama is doing a good job. They're crazy.