Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Obama and his henchmen have been attacking Romney's "Bain Capital" business experience.  OK fair enough.   Lets use a baseball analogy.  During Romney's Bain experience is batting almost 800 per cent.   

Now let's look at Obama's Bain type investments using taxpayer money.  Solyndra, Beacon Power,  the Volt, GM which still owes 13 billion in taxpayer bail out money, Raser Technologies, ECOtatity, Nevada Geothermal Power, First Solar, Abound Solar, Inc. and as Yul Brenner  used to say, etc., etc., etc.,
Obama is batting about 120… not the best average for such a "smart" guy.

Let's see.  Romney is batting .800. Obama is batting a minus .120…who do you think is going to win the batting down?


Anonymous said...

I will take Romney any day. At least he is organized and has a pan unlike the child president who is all over the place trying to implement "Vampire Socialism",regardless of how it hurts us


NewGnome said...

Tos, Good one, Vampire Socialism...boy is that right on!!! The analogy is very apt since they're sucking the blood out of us.