Sunday, January 29, 2012


If you want to keep your job is it prudent to scourge your boss? Yet all the anti-wall street occupiers on the left and the Ron Paul reactionaries on the right, seem to want to do just that demolish the people who create jobs.

It is amazingly self-defeating to demand that we destroy the companies who provide energy, (the military) protection and medical miracles.

Where is the power going to come from for our independent transportation if we destroy the oil companies? How can we be safe in an increasingly hostile, corrupt and unstable world without the defense of our soldiers, and how do we fight disease when the government demands that a company spend $500-million dollar to develop a drug and then further demands that the company give the drug away.

These are not intellectually coherent arguments. In fact they're shouted insanity.

I have son in the military who is charged with keeping us safe, children who need a miracle drug that allows them to live a normal life and I have energy in my vehicles so I can go to work and provide for my family.

But yet big banks, big pharma, big oil and the military industrial complex are branded as the enemy.

Yes, lets destroy them. Then American's can live off the government dole or starve. The insane convoluted thinking of these two extremes of American life makes me wonder if they have brains with which to think at all.

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Anonymous said...

there really is no logic to liberal group think. Remember Pelosi was embracing the OWS movement? Now that we see the violence coming from it there is silence from them. But God Forbid the Tea Party holds up a sign against Obama they are labeled raaaaaaaaacists!!!!!!