Saturday, April 02, 2011


Katherine Windels, the Wisconsin school teacher who suggested that a bullet be put in the heads of Republican legislators who voted to eliminate collective bargaining is the face of Wisconsin teachers. Is this the lesson of hate she wants to teach the children of Wisconsin, that it is all right to threaten to murder?

She is what unionized teachers have become. They don’t care about children; they only care about their union and union power.

I certainly wouldn’t want someone who suggests murdering people with whom she disagrees getting anywhere near my children or grandchildren. I hope the judge in the case applies the maximum penalty to show that this is not the kind of person who should be anywhere near children in any capacity.

The cacophony of leftist rhetoric that flooded the airwaves and printed page about an alleged and later disproven connection between Jared L. Loughner and certain radio hosts was deafening. Loughner shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, an Arizona Democrat, leaving her critically wounded and killing six others.

While there was no evidence that Loughner was connected to either side of the political spectrum, Windels is a whole different story. She and her wish to kill someone with whom she disagrees is a threat to all people of Wisconsin because she is on the left and is obviously influenced by the vicious and vindictive rhetoric of the left from Ed Schultzes of MSNBC, Bill Maher’s increasingly bizarre anti-conservative hate speech and the hate speech of the Wisconsin teacher union.

The conclusion can only be: keep Windels away from children, she is obviously a threat as was Loughner, but she IS connected to the hate speech of the left.


Anonymous said...

I am telling you NG they are getting more and more unhinged out there.


NewGnome said...

They're off the reservation Tos, I'm worried that the majority of people in this country think Obama is doing a good job while the country is going to pieces.

Lisa said...

It truly is a travesty