Saturday, December 18, 2010


U.S. diplomatic at-large Bill Richardson, went to Pyongyang and he rated the tensions between North and South Korea as "a tinderbox."

With this evaluation in mind, I'm wondering if South Korea would be interested in our US missile defense system begun by Ronald Reagan which is up and operating now. Liberals are so anti-missile defense, they wouldn't care that they'd be responsible for the death of millions. If Obama and Democrats are successful in destroying the only option that could protect South Korea.

This insane shrimp Kim Jong Il is just crazy enough to launch a nuclear missile. (Ahmedinejad is just as crazy in Iran.) In fact, I think Kim is spoiling to send a bunch of nuclear bombs. The only thing that could possibly stop even one of the potential missiles from North Korea is something Obama has done everything he can to eliminate from our defensive forces.

Now there's the Start Treaty that Obama and Democrats are pushing which would reduce our nuclear options. Unfortunately, Russia has been helping spreading nuclear weapons while they demand that we disarm ourselves. But a threat from the former Soviet Union is one thing. Unfortunately, they are not the only one of what is now at least two nuclear unstable nations where the threats really are with more unstable nations seeking nuclear bombs. Russia will come to rue the day they began nuclear arming the despots.

But brain-dead blind liberals ignore reality. We are either able to defend ourselves not just from Russia, but from, North Korea and Iran. If we're not, as Obama prefer to have us undefended, there will be a war. Will we be prepared mentally and defensively, to save America.

The answer at this point? I don't think so, not with Obama in charge.

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