Friday, August 06, 2010


Michelle Antoinette Obama spends her (read: American taxpayer money) vacation funds in Europe outsourcing her money for hospitality jobs outside of America. Then to add insult to injury the "semi first-lady" outsources a designer (read: expensive) "Coat" from an English designer...NOT an American designer where we need the jobs.

Her hypocrisy is beyond belief. She and her husband have been stomping on American businesses for outsourcing and that's exactly what she and he are doing.

This is during an economic disaster in America. Does Michelle Antoinette Obama care?....she says...let them eat Kobe Wagyu steaks.


NewGnome said...


Wait, so this means you want the executive branch to be active in the economy?

I thought you threw a fit and hollered every time democrats in particular spent government money and any party in general spent government money on anything besides oppressing minorities and funding war crimes against predominately Muslim countries.

So does this mean that you now believe that the executive branch should be supporting the domestic service industries, or are you just being a cranky old *** ****?

(BTW, even if thats what the news story called, "Kobe Waygu" is incorrect. They're two separate brands of meat. Its like saying you had a Certified Angus Beef (CAB)/Omaha Steaks Ribeye for dinner.)

Of course that doesn't actually matter, because it's not part of your point. But as you are fond of telling me, you've had mega real world experience and you know how these things worked. I spent a year butchering USDA Prime and CAB Beef, so I'm going to invoke the "I have experience thus I'm right argument." And after all, you have an amazing ability to pick up on obscure points in my posts and run with it, ignoring my actual points and putting all of your chips on the home run square. What can I say, you've preached your innate superiority to me for so long, that I just want to be like you.

NewGnome said...

Lonely, there is NO such thing as “government” money. There is only taxpayer money that the government has confiscated from citizens. Oppressing minorities! War Crimes against Muslim Countries!…plllllleeeease. Don’t you ever have an original idea? The lib talking points are failing all over America and being seen for their failure and the incompetence of those promoting them.
Support domestic services industries??? What are you talking about? Did you even read the post? I doubt it because what you wrote makes no sense at all.

Thanks for the education about Kobe or Waygu beef. Remind Michelle, she the one ordering the Kobe or Waygu beef for lunch for her and her friends.

So you’re a butcher. Remind me not to tell the PETA types. They’ll skin you alive for doing that.

NewGnome said...

Once again and you can see with the asterisks I've edited TheLonelyArtistClub comment. He used the name "Jesus Christ" as a profanity. I object to that.

***** *** ******. Can you stereotype anymore. Just because I've voted about 60% liberal in my life doesn't mean I support PETA. Get over yourself and learn to realize that there are finer divisions in life.

And just as I predicted. You completely ignored the actual point of my post. It would be a mistake to call you stupid; however, I think it would be accurate to call you irrelevant.

War crimes against Muslim Countries? Imagine for a second that you have a neighbor who is plotting to murder Obama. Let's pretend for a second that you don't support this proposition. If the secret service accidentally misses your neighbor's house and kills you and your two dozen kids by accident, how is that not a war crime? Because that's what happens in Pakistan and Afghanistan (and I get this from a Green Beret officer, not whatever joke you're calling every news source but Fox these days). How is torture not a war crime? Take any Western, modernized country except the conservative right in America, and these are war crimes.

Just because you hate Muslims with a passion doesn't mean that murder is right.

Have you read a Bible lately? Have you ever read a Bible at all? Because maybe I'm missing something, but I'm pretty sure Jesus wasn't all gun ho about mass murder.

NewGnome said...

The PETA thing was just a sarcastic joke, but your completely self-absorbed lack of humor missed it.

Irrelevant is someone like you who ignores the beheading, shredder killings by Uday and Qusay, dragging the bodies of American soldiers behind a jeep, honor killings, stoning women, murdering 3000 innocent Americans, attempting to kill thousands more on planes bound for America, attempting to blow up our subways, slavery of women and children, (slavery is highest in Muslim countries) just to name a few of the atrocities of radical Muslims, that continue today.

The vast number of Muslims who have died at the hands of Muslims suicide bombers. I'm sure it's a number hugely greater than your count of those who have died by accidental bombings. The difference is that the Muslim suicide bombers purposely target the innocent. But that doesn't fit your hate template. Sorry about that.

You're problem is that you simply don't understand war. Unfortunately for America, we have an idiot in the White House who thinks like you do with possibly one exception. He is the one who substantially increased the number of drone bombings of which you are so critical.

Those you seem to so passionately defend, would kill you in a New York minute if they could. And BTW, citing a "Green Beret officer" is a pathetic attempt to add credence to your argument but makes you sound even less informed.

Also, BTW, it's "Gung Ho." I resent your use of the name "Jesus Christ" because you are using it as profanity. I find that very disingenuous as a self-defined "Christian." Mass murder is the very definition of Islam and the imperatives given by Mohammad regarding "infidels" a definition that applies to you. And your favorite Muslim, Obama, has announced he is in favor of building the Ground Zero Mosque…sorry that is an extremely offensive effort. I hope it is stopped.

TheLonelyArtistClub said...

You can still have a war crime even if the war is just. This is not some personal definition.

You'll probably call me a bigot for bringing this up, but of all people you should realize that freedom of religion in America is not equal. And yet you oppose the opening of an Islamic Culture Center by an Imam who opposes Osama Bin Laden an wants a more contemporary version of Islam. But the kind of hate you spew only hurts the vision of a contemporary, peaceful Islam. How would you feel if I asked you how your multiple wives are doing everytime we talked? If I asked you if you had married and bedded any underage girls yet? If I asked if you'd married off one of your daughters to a friend recently? Those stereotypes are drastically untrue of the vast majority of mainstream members of LDS and you would throw a fit if I accused you of those things. You'll probably still throw a fit anyway. The way you take the points of fringe Islam and apply them to nearly every Muslim is the same sort of thing.

Yes I'm a self proclaimed Christian, and yes I sin. I'm sure you've never broken a single Biblical law.

NewGnome said...

Sorry Lonely, but you’re one tedious son of a gun!

I will take your one sentence response as vindication of my conclusion regarding accidental deaths in war compared to targeted innocent civilians by suicide bombers and IEDs. You are wrong about a personal definition. That is exactly what you did. Your definition is precisely what you claim it isn’t. You tried to make a person definition of accidental war deaths. Were civilian war deaths war crimes in attempting to defeat Hitler or Hirohito? Millions of civilians were killed during those wars, which were war crimes.

You’re right, I would agree with your definition of yourself. But that’s kind of a given. One of your problems is that you don’t consider the background of the examples of your arguments

Feisal Abdul Rauf is a radical Imam. That’s not even debatable. Practically everything that comes out of his mouth proves it.

Your trying to tar me with your under age girl filth is particularly interesting because that’s exactly what Mohammad did…he took a nine-year-old girl for a wife. (I’ve included pictures on the email version of this comment. You might find interesting. Snopes hasn’t reported on the pictures that I can find so it may be a question) He had at least 4. Islam permits at least 4 you know. How many wives are you planning? Maybe you’ll just serialize them.

I suggest you do a nexis-lexis search on the number of Muslim criticisms of Muslim honor killing, stoning of women, terrorist suicide bombings etc from so called “moderate” Muslims. Frankly, there is a derth of examples of Muslims criticizing so called radicals murder.

Finally, there’s a huge difference between putting a radicalized mosque anywhere near where 2800 Americans died at the hands of Muslims, radicalized or not.

TheLonelyArtistClub said...

Wow Wow Wow. I was not accusing you of doing anything with an underage girl. I was trying to make a comparison between your stereotypes of Islam and the way some people stereotype LDS members.

I was not trying to tar you at all. And I can't believe you actually took that from the comment. I was saying that your extreme critique of Muslims was the same as if I assumed and criticized you as a Mormon for wedding and bedding an underage girl. I know there is not a chance in hell you would do that. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you would find that sort of action reprehensible. I was trying to make the point that the way you treat Muslims with stereotypes is the same way that many Americans treat Mormons. Yet somehow you missed that point and actually thought I was accusing you of sleeping with an adolescent.

Grow the ****** up, and get over you're supposedly humble self.

TheLonelyArtistClub said...

Thank you for posting that comment.

NewGnome said...

Your Welcome. NG