Saturday, November 14, 2009


TENNESSEE Trooper gets into trouble for White Pride email. NEWSMAX.COM

You can have Gay Pride, Brown Pride, Red Pride, Trans-gender pride, Yellow Pride, Green Pride, Muslim Pride, Wiccan Pride, Anti-American Pride, I hate Bush Pride, I love Socialism Pride, American Failure Pride, I Hate the US Military Pride, I Hate Capitalism Pride, I Hate Democracy Pride, I Hate the Constitution Pride, I Love Our Socialist President Pride, I Hate Jews Pride, I Love Ahmedinejad Pride, Terrorist Pride, I Love Palestinian Rockets Pride, I Love Chairman Mao Pride, BUT HEAVEN FORBID YOU SHOULD THINK THAT YOU CAN HAVE "WHITE PRIDE."

We've got Black History Month, Brown History Month, Yellow History Month, American Indian History Month, Latino History Month, Hispanic History Month, It Ain't Easy Being Green History Month...but where's the White History Month…especially European White History Month? It's a racial and ethnic group who has contributed most of the things that have made America great!

All racial and ethnic pride is allowed with the exception, of course, of WHITE EUROPEAN RACIAL AND ETHNIC PRIDE. A PROUD, WHITE SWISS-AMERICAN, MINORITY RELIGION, MALE!!!!!!! If you don't like it, you are a racist!

It's all an inferiority complex on the part of other races and ethnicities who can't allow Caucasians to have pride in their race or ethnicity. How sad and bigoted Americans of diverse races have become.

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