Wednesday, September 30, 2009


For the first time in my life I am ashamed of America. The citizens of this country who support the current administration obviously hate America and the rule of law. They are dismissing the Constitution as though it's a worthless note on a piece of toilet paper and its value is simply what toilet paper is used for.

The liberals accused President George W. Bush of abusing the Constitution by using power to track our enemies who were trying to kill us on our own soil. Now the anti-America President Barak Obama is using that power to track his political opponents right here in America. Shades of Hugo Chavez, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.


Anonymous said...

I am ashamed of America as well NG. I cannot believe in this modern time that people fell for such primitive rhetoric. It's really shows how many are stuck in the pages of history.
I have never been this concerned for our future.
Everything that "was" for the last 8 years all of a sudden "isn't".

NewGnome said...

It's amazing to me that American not longer revere the constitution.
Out of town so don't have much time, your right on. NG