Monday, June 22, 2009


Obama’s timidity is beginning to embolden our enemies. Tehran is threatening the Iranian freedom brigades calling them puppets of America, Kim Jong Il says he’ll go to nuclear war with the U.S. if necessary. Al Qaeda has announced it will use Pakistani nuclear weapons on America.

Why is this happening? It’s the same situation that happened with Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev immediately after he met President John F. Kennedy, for the first time. He determined that Kennedy was a wimp and started the Cuban missile buildup which led to nuclear confrontation.

Today we have Obama the wimp. In my day, wimps like Obama were called “Chicken Sh..s” His fear and trepidation could easily get us into a war with the very people whose butt he’s kissing. Way to go Obama!


Anonymous said...

Typical. The only people he's comfortable being tough with is American citizens.

NewGnome said...


DUCK...we have incoming...Obama's evil eye...look out.