Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, the liberal left has shown what they’re real goals are...burn down America starting with “W’s” boyhood home. Leftists hate has turned to violence as could easily have been predicted given the vitriol spewed by the looney hateful left, particularly the constant posts on blogs like the Dailey Kos and Hate fills the written rhetoric and it’s no different than the hate-filled rants of the Islamofacists. The hate the left vomits has become arson.

The terrorist assassination of Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is the logical extension of hate fill radicals. The hate of the America’s left is just one step away. The arson burning of the boyhood home of President Bush is just an illustration of that same type of radical hate. What is next for the Moveon hate movement...the attempted assassination of President Bush?

I’m sure the President’s Secret Service is up to the task of protecting the president. But that won’t change the hate of the left. They must look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves if this is really what they want with their hate filled blogs. Or will they be so blinded by that hate that they can’t join the rational world?


Anonymous said...

The new party of peace and tolerance.They would rather harm Bush and give suspected terrorists all the rights.
They are so hateful and power hungry I wish Americans were able to see through their vitriol instead of being brainwashed. I guess we can never do away with ignorance.
Happy New Year NG!

NewGnome said...


And you're right. It's scary, the intolerance that turns to vicious actions!

rogues gallery said...

I'm glad they burned that miserable son of a bitch's house down! that was just a small taste of what that lousy stinking Bush rat scum deserves! George W Bush and his followers of pure evil will never never ever know peace! we on the left hate and loathe and spit on the name of George W Bush!

NewGnome said...

Thanks "rogues gallery" for proving my point. Hate dominates you and those on the left. Did you ever consider this could be a two way street...obviously not. NG