Thursday, April 26, 2007


Senator Harry “surrender now” Reid has proclaimed that if we leave Iraq our soldiers won’t continue dying there for nothing, that the Iraqi people can fight the terrorists who are armed with high tech weapons that are coming in from Iran and Syria and that America should abandon our promises to those with ink stained fingers.

That being said, I want M.I.N.O. Reid, who proclaimed that America has LOST the war in Iraq, to answer some questions, if Mr. Reid is successful in forcing America’s surrender in Iraq. Will Reid assure all Americans that:

1. Blood will not run on American streets with the bodies of innocent American children splattered on the pavement from suicide bombers as Islamofacists have promised?
2. Iran will NOT launch a nuclear attack on Israel as they have proclaimed?
3. Islamofacists will not pursue death to infidels or forced conversion to Islam here in America or elsewhere in the free world as they have pledged.

These are what the Islamofacists have promised they would do, Mr. Reid.

If you cannot absolutely, categorically, and unequivocally guarantee that these will not happen, you must resign from your treasonous position that America should surrender in Iraq, or face recall by your constituents in Nevada.


Anonymous said...

I too would like him to claim responsibility for withdrawal. Of course he won't otherwise how can they twist it around later.
Nothing is the democrat's fault!

NewGnome said...

Democrats anything that can be construed as bad is there fault....but it all is. NG