Saturday, April 22, 2006


It’s been proposed that “real” Americans boycott the Mexican boycott of America and BUY on May 1st to counter the anti-American action. I believe two things will happen if Hispanics try to pull off the proposed May 1st boycott of American businesses.

First, if they do boycott, they will show legal Americans they are willing to hurt America economically to demand they be allowed to break American law with impunity. The problem with this tach is that it creates among "anglos" for lack of a better word, a divide.

Secondly, "legal" Americans may begin looking at Hispanics in fear rather than just another ethnic group in America and will coalesce anglo anger into an "us vs them" mentality. It could very well increase pressure to build the wall and get serious about guarding the Mexican border.

Boycotts of any kind seldom work in the long run. But if the “anglos” and other ethnic groups take sides and chose to act, ie: buy on May 1 to counteract their boycott it establishes what will become a continuing counter response . As Hispanics get more and more agressive they will attempt to expand and exercise power.

At the moment, no real leader has emerged ala "Jesse Jackson" or "Al Sharpton" for blacks. But one, perhaps two, will. When that happens America will almost instantly have a type of "defused Quebec" and pressure to divide America will grow.

Southern California could easily become a "Spanish Speaking only zone" as has happened in Quebec, despite the substantial Asian population. The only difference between Canada and America is that the country within a country may not have the same border differences but the language difference will act as the defacto borders.

Spanish will be used as a "weapon" against anglos as it already is in some ways. The natural progression of political movements like these are to get more aggressive and divisive. NG


Anonymous said...

OSI say we do all we can to prevent this from continuing. Democracy is getting a little out of control. Have we totally lost ourselves? What ever happened to the Great country we are supposed to be only to let it be run by third world nations. They don't even belong here and they protest our laws while we idly stand by and watch. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Wow I rushed that one. First line should be "I say we do all we can.....ect."

NewGnome said...

Just writing too fast. NG